” Safeway. Wifi. Staaaarrrbucks” = Everything you need.

~ when asking a person sitting outside of  a dollar store where we could find groceries he responded, in a southern drawl,  that everything we needed was just around the block; ” Safeway. Pause. Wifi. Pause. Starbuuucks”. ~

We just arrived in Florence, Oregon about a hour ago it is a little unbelievable to me the distance we have traveled on our bicycles so far. It really struck me after we made it back to the coast from Portland. The road on this stretch was particularly hairy with a small  shoulder coupled with a lot of curves, an abundance of  traffic ( especially RVs), steep climbs up mounatin sides ( we went over 1000ft) and  a chilly day with freshly powered snow on the ground.  We also had to set up and take down camp in a hurry the night before, we had to move from our intial spot on a cutblock after being spotted. It was private property and who knows unspeakable damage we could cause to the logged forest moreso than the heavy machinery.

The roads themselves have been really welcoming overall, I was a little nervous about having to share a roadway  at first just because of my experiences with city commuting . Vehicles have been super courteous with space and speed , no crazy near misses on the highways at all.

I feel that this trip is already changing elements within myself, finding my truths and having a idea of where I want my path to you. Also realizing the small fears of blocks I have been putting up around taking the steps in those directions. Or even just making conscious time in my day to day to keep myself grounded, rather than letting the days slip away. The idea of making it to Mexico on a bicycle can be immensely daunting if one looks at it in it’s entire scope. Taking it day by day, however, really makes it a realistic reality. Everyday is different and it’s own little adventure.

We always only just have day by day. There are definitely things we can plan ( or think we can plan) or look forward to or not look forward to or stress over….. but taking it day by day, moment to moment is really what it is. The power of just being. There is also the simplicity and humbling over what we really need and what really makes one happy; being warm and dry ( especially when sleeping), a full stomach and  kindness from others.

Having a warm blanket wrapped around me on a chilly night while looking up at the starry sky does far more than what an abundance of money could ever do for me.

Take care!

– Kinilynn

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